Gecko Alliance Group is a leading manufacturer in the pool and spa industry with a worldwide recognized expertise in the design, the production and the marketing of controls, system platforms, pumps and value-added accessories for spa and hot tubs manufacturers, distributors, dealers and technicians.

Groupe Gecko Alliance est un joueur majeur de l’industrie du spa et de la piscine dont l’expertise dans la conception, la production et la mise-en-marché de contrôles, systèmes, pompes et accessoires est reconnue mondialement par les manufacturiers, distributeurs, détaillants ou techniciens.

In 2019 we exhibit at

Piscina & Wellness Barcelona
October 15-18
Barcelona, Spain

booth: 482

International Pool Spa Patio Expo
November 5-7
New Orleans, USA

booth: 1017


Optimize your customers' spa experience

with Gecko’s new generation of control systems

Y series control system by Gecko Alliance

a lot more to offer

After upgrading its smaller brother, we could not resist doing the same with Gecko’s With its boosted CPU, external memory and higher capacity relays, now has the power it needs for new features... like LED lights for troubleshooting clues.

relaxation in full colors with in.mix integration

With a light output capacity increased to 1.25A and the integration of the in.mix 300 color system on the main board, new cables and LED lights can be connected directly to the box with full color control directly from the keypad.

installation made simple

With its new terminal block, onboard AMP connectors and an evolved cable strain relief system, it has never been easier to connect your accessories to a control box! We’ve also added a pathway to connected accessories with faster comunication.





An affordable touch of luxury

The perfect balance for those who wants to experience style with more functions.

Y series control system by Gecko Alliance

classy look

With its larger dimension, sleekness and its backlit outer rim, Gecko’s in.k330 is an affordable alternative for those who want to experience luxury. Its design will enhance the look of any spa.

distinctive display

Completely ergonomic, our new in.k330 has a big LCD screen with excellent contrasts and brightness. Its static colors and 5 keys make it so easy to use. A classy and ergonomic keypad, that’s the perfect combination!

perfect 2 pump solution

Our solidly built in.k330 supports Gecko’s LED lights system and our brand new in.temp. It brings all the features you really need to one keypad. It is the perfect choice for your customers who want quality!





A new way to regulate the water of your spa.

World-class, quiet and efficient.

Y series control system by Gecko Alliance

plug and play solution

Here comes Gecko’s new heat pump solution. Using our in.temp has never been so easy! Simply connect it to a Y series control that supports it and you’re good to go! Automatic detection, smart power management and no additional power circuit required, the in.temp powers directly from the spa control.

benefit from energy savings

Are you looking for the most energy efficient form of heating water? Our in.temp is the perfect solution! Air sourced heat pumps, will allow you to save up to 75% energy consumption in comparison with electric elements. The icing on the cake: Gecko’s in.temp also uses an eco-friendly refrigerant (R32 and R410A).

installation made simple

With in.temp, you can choose one of its six modes of operation that suits you the best: Eco Heat, Smart Heat, Eco Auto, Smart Auto, Cool and Electric! No matter the weather, your spa will always be at the perfect temperature. Smart modes let you taking full advantage of your in.temp to optimize your savings.